Thursday, December 18, 2008

ICLP = Over

So Tuesday marked the very last day of ICLP...meaning my UC EAP study abroad semester is officially over. I still have one NTU class every Thursday morning and tutoring twice a week but besides that my days are free free FREE!!!

Monday was pretty much the last day of ICLP classes. Got exams back. Gave teachers their gifts. And we treated our 3rd class teacher to afternoon tea. It was kind of weird hanging out with our teacher outside of the classroom. You would think that since he talked so much in the classroom that we could all have conversations outside of the classroom. Instead it felt a little awkward. And in the end we still had like a "lesson" on chinese slang at the afternoon tea place. Haha. Guess it's in his blood to teach...doesn't feel comfortable around students if he isn't teaching. xP

The teacher opening his gift from us.
Tuesday was the last day of ICLP. Instead of class, we all went singing with our teachers! It was exciting...we had like around 40 people? Got a huge KTV room and tons of food.


singing with the teachers
And then after that was the banquet at Sheraton Hotel. All you can eat Western style buffet!! The food was good but there wasn't a big selection. The dessert selection was pretty crazy though. Besides crepes, cakes, ice cream, etc...there was also a chocolate fountain AND a 抹茶 (green tea) fountain!!! crazy!!! Just like the last day of anything, we took tons of pictures.


most of the ICLP girls

most of the ICLP guys

And that marks the end of ICLP. Some people from the program have already left for the US. And as December slowly comes to an end, more and more people will be leaving...then what do I do? @@


Janice L said...

Hi! I came across your blog when I was googling ICLP.

I'm interested in applying for ICLP (I'm studying abroad for a semester in Taiwan) and was wondering if you could offer any advice for a future NTU-er regarding whether or not ICLP is worth it, or is Chinese Language Division Courses would help me learn just as much. I'm a native Marylander and grew up speaking Mandarin at home with my parents.

Thanks so much!

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