Friday, January 16, 2009

Coming to an End...

Aaaaah another week has passed since my last entry...and I'm going back to the states soon!!!

I'm actually quite sad about going back because now that I'm about to leave..I don't want to go back anymore. Haha.

So what have I been doing my last week in Taiwan? Well let's see...this week has been all about going out to eat with people (last meals...haha). Monday I had dinner with 小美. After almost two months of trying to find time to have dinner we finally set it up (though, I bet if I wasn't leaving Taiwan soon we probably still wouldn't have had dinner). He brought me to eat 酸菜白肉鍋, first time I've ever had that.

(top) the hotpot, (bottom) 小美

After dinner we walked to 師大 (which is apparently NTNU), 師大夜市, NTU, and then the dorms.

Tuesday I went to 淡水 to see my grandparents one last time before I leave. And once again had hotpot for dinner with them and my aunt. A different kind of hotpot.
(top) our individual hot pots (bottom) grandmama eating

Wednesday was JK's birthday so he treated us to lunch at this super high-class restaurant called Mitsui. The lunch special was like a multi-course meal. And one of the courses was hotpot. LoL...I my third hotpot for the week.
(top) waiter cooking hotpot for us (bottom) group pic
Wednesday was also my last day with my tutee. I got gifts and a bonus too! Haha.

Thursday was our (me, Sharleen, Sherry) good-bye dinner. Went to the Hello Kitty Restaurant. Super pink. And the funny thing was that there were more guys than girls. LoL.
(top) hello kitty placemat (bottom) the girls
I also got my hair permed in the afternoon. Now I have semi-curly hair again! Excitings.

And now it's Friday. Ended the weekday with a dinner with my student volunteer.

Me & My student volunteer, Yi-Chin

And that ends the dinner blogs. Tomorrow's my last full day in Taiwan. Who should I eat with?

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