Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So it's been a while since I've written a real blog entry. December and January so far has just been a mixture of seeing family, seeing US friends, and saying goodbye to Taiwan friends.

Saw and hung out with Jackie. Haven't seen him since whenever we can remember. Thanks for bringing my new camera over!

Saw and hung out with Yen. You still have another week left...let's hang out again! ^^

Saw and hung out with my Gracie poo. Miss you already!!!

And now JK is here on a sporadic trip to Taiwan. So it's time to play tour guide! And makes me miss Wenqi even more!!! ><

Anyways, this entry is mainly made for two reasons, to write about yesterday.

Yesterday marks the first day I've ever hung out with newly made local Taiwanese friends. Went singing with two local friends (from songwriters club) and two exchange friends. It was fun. And it helped me complete one of my goals here (to make friends and hang out with locals).

Yesterday also marked the worst mosquito night I've ever had in Taiwan. There were THREE..THREE!!! mosquitoes in my room last night. Effing A. I could not sleep at all. The first mosquito bites me right above the eye. Pisses me off. I didn't want to turn on the room or desk light because I was scared it would wake up my roommate. So I took out my DS and used that as a flashlight to hunt the mosquito down. After two tries, I killed that damn thing (smeared the blood all over the wall too). I'm okay, yay, peace. Time to sleep. Next thing you know...another effin bloodsucker is buzzing in my ear. DS comes out again. I see it on the wall. SMACK. another dead mosquito. It's like 5am now. I'm so pumped up with adrenalin because of all this mosquito hunting that I can't fall asleep. So I'm just in bed not knowing what to do. And lo and behold...mosquito number three decides to come bother me! FACK. So pissed. By this's like 6am and it's starting to get light outside. I search for this annoying mosquito and can't find it. Once 7am came around I was super tired and finally fell asleep until JK called me at 10am to tell me he's almost at the dorms. I wake up to discover two bites on my forehead. Freakin mosquitoes. Cost me sleep. I think my roommate ended up killing the last mosquito though because when I came back to my room later I saw a new dead mosquito on the wall with blood splatters.

That was a long paragraph. But it was an awful night. And now I'm paranoid. And want to go back to the US to hide from the mosquitoes. That is one thing I will NOT miss at all when I leave Taiwan...the effin mosquitoes!

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JY said...

Hi Pam, I am your roommate, SH's friend, and I am back in Singapore, just to tell you that u are not the only one paranoid abt mossies. I am too! on the second last nite b4 i left, I slept at 6am cos of 2 bloody mossies! Take care though =)